Water Play

Victory Park Pool


Victory Park Pool in North Miami Beach, Florida offers a clean, safe and secure environment for all. Swimming lessons for all levels: beginners, intermediate and adultare offered at very affordable rates. 

Visits to the Victory Park Pool are open to residents and non-residents alike and at an affordable cost.  Be sure to contact  the pool for details about their ongoing programming.


Monday - Thursday 

1:00PM-4:45PM & 7:00PM-8:45PM

Central Park Aquatics Complex


The beauty of South Florida is best revealed in its stunning parks, gardens, recreation areas. Central Park Pool, located in the scenic city of Plantation, is no exception. The Central Park Aquatics Complex that is open year-round and offers fun-in-the-sun for the entire family. 

Driftwood Community Pool


Driftwood Community Pool, also known as a Myrtha Teaching Pool,  in Hollywood, FL is a municipal outdoor swimming pool that is available for public use. This beautiful leisure and sporting pool is located at 3000 N. 69th avenue; it is easy to spot. The pool offers a lot of services to both adults and kids, making it one of the most popular swimming places in Hollywood.

Croissant Park and Pool


If you need a serene place where you can stay fit, don’t go anywhere else apart from Croissant Park Pool in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Croissant is the best place for anybody interested in adult swimming and other types of water aerobics. Here’s why you should visit it. 

* It is water playground and recreation center rolled into one

Cypress Park & Pool


Florida has been known by many as a place to relax and take a break from the busy schedules of life and also offer family wide fun so that you can have a good time also with your children. Cypress Park & Pool in Coral Springs is a new huge waterpark that creates a vacation feel for you to relax and decompress. It is very well placed and will serve as a nice getaway for you and your family.

Charles Hadley Park & Aquatic Complex


South Florida is home to many aquatic sites. Just in the City of Miami, there are twelve of these aquatic sites and one of the twelve is the Charles Hadley Aquatic Complex. Located at 4800 NW 12 Ave., Miami, Florida, this aquatic complex boasts three pools: an Olympic-sized pool (50 meters), a 33-meter pool and a wading pool for toddlers. Charles Hadley Aquatic Complex is really a swimmer's dream come true, but, for those who are not so comfortable in the water, do not fret!

Bill Sadowski Park & Nature Center


The Bill Sadowski Park & Nature Center  in Miami is the ideal family location for nature enthusiasts. This is a lovely, 30 acre park that encompasses all the natural beauty and wildlife of South Florida. This park is a three habitat park that has natural pinelands, a tropical hardwood hammock and drained Everglades slough.

Robert King High Park and Carlos Arboleya Campground


The Robert King High Park and Carlos Arboleya Campground in Miami, Florida dates from the early 70's and was reopened in 2011 after extensive remodeling. The improved park features a new building for classes and meetings plus the addition of a sanded volleyball court.

Coral Reef Park


Coral Reef Park in Palmetto Bay is the village's premier public park with over 50 acres of stunning south Florida. Many families enjoy coming to this park for the natural pineland preserves, the beautiful wildlife, outdoor sports and tennis lessons. You will see many people enjoying a rest under the shady trees, reading books, bird watching, picnicking and more. This park has a tranquil feel with a lovely, streaming canal and peaceful walking trails. You will easily see why it is consistently rated 4 & 5 stars on most review sites.

K-Land Park


K-land Park is an interesting fun packed recreational outdoor space located in the area of Kendall in Miami, Florida. The park promises an array of activities to visitors that will leave a footprint in their memories as they enjoy the cool serene aura brought about by the well-manicured landscape of the park and the cool breezes coming from the park’s lake. Programming at this county park is run by the Boys & Girls Club.