Driftwood Community Pool

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  • location_on Driftwood Community Pool
    3000 N. 69th avenue
    Hollywood FL 33024
  • contact_phone (954) 967-4644
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Driftwood Community Pool, also known as a Myrtha Teaching Pool,  in Hollywood, FL is a municipal outdoor swimming pool that is available for public use. This beautiful leisure and sporting pool is located at 3000 N. 69th avenue; it is easy to spot. The pool offers a lot of services to both adults and kids, making it one of the most popular swimming places in Hollywood.

The pool allows special access to the handicapped by providing a swim lift as well as a zero depth entry. It is equipped with basketball hoops for recreational sporting use and swimming lanes.

Driftwood community pool takes pride in its private swimming lessons; the management hires professional lifeguards who act as instructors during lessons. In order to attend the lessons, there is a sign-up sheet available. Once signed up, a special schedule will be worked out, then the lessons can begin.

For those who like recreational swimming, the swimming pool is open to the public every day from 1pm to 5pm. The cost of access is quite affordable: $4 for adults and $2 for kids. This small charge includes the use of lockers and showers. Swimming is possible even in chilly conditions as the pool is heated.

There is a swimming lap for those who like to engage in sporting activities. This activity is enabled by the availability of 4 standard lanes placed on one end of the pool, making for a 25-yard swimming track. Adding on to the sporting activities, Driftwood holds organised water exercises which are done in groups. Like the swimming lessons, people have to sign up to participate in these exercises.

For those who do not want to get into the water, there is a chilling area around the pool with reclining leisure chairs. Parents can relax in this area while waiting for their kids to finish their activities.

Above all, Driftwood Community Pool promotes water safety at all costs. As such everyone who uses the pool gets to attend short courses on safety. This allows for the community to have beautiful outdoor recreational activities while maintaining maximum water safety.