K-Land Park


K-land Park is an interesting fun packed recreational outdoor space located in the area of Kendall in Miami, Florida. The park promises an array of activities to visitors that will leave a footprint in their memories as they enjoy the cool serene aura brought about by the well-manicured landscape of the park and the cool breezes coming from the park’s lake. Programming at this county park is run by the Boys & Girls Club.  K-land Park is a one stop destination for families to spend quality time together and for kids to bond with their peers.

The park has a baseball pitch that is used to host baseball tournaments. The pitch can also be used for training kids on how to play the game thereby creating a parent child bonding experience that is priceless. Friends and neighbourhood dwellers can also organize baseball tournaments to create a sense of belonging to the community as well as promote social integration and cohesion. This baseball pith promises a fun sport filled weekend to families and friends that decide to pass their free weekends in the park. 

The K-land Park also has well-shaded landscaped grounds and a picnic pavilion that will definitely get your attention as a fantastic picnic spot that has wide panoramic views across the lake. This offers a relaxing experience for your shared packed lunch or snack with family or friends. The lake in the park also offers an opportunity for water sports such as boat rides. K-land Park is easily accessible since it is along Kendall drive and the Don Shula Expressway.  It offers extensive athletic facilities that serve locals in the Kendall area through Little League play, learn more here.  If you are looking for a fun filled spot to enjoy your quality time with family and friends this park is highly recommended. 


  • Baseball Fields
  • Basketball Courts
  • Fishing pier
  • Football Field
  • Playground
  • Soccer field - lighted