Croissant Park And Pool


Croissant Park and Pool


If you need a serene place where you can stay fit, don’t go anywhere else apart from Croissant Park Pool in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Croissant is the best place for anybody interested in adult swimming and other types of water aerobics. Here’s why you should visit it. 

* It is water playground and recreation center rolled into one

The facility also serves as a water playground. In addition to this, it’s a recreation center. It has various athletic fields where you can run to keep your muscles and lungs in excellent condition as part of the physical fitness goals you wish to meet. The water playground is great for the little ones, with water squirting from every direction, animals to climb on, and water cannons and slides to enjoy. An adult Annual Pass Holder must directly accompany children under the age of eight. Open spring break week through Thanksgiving weekend.

* It has top amenities

Croissant Park Pool consists of several amenities to make your time here enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. Some of these amenities include locker rooms, handicapped accessible, and showers. The facility also has a resident lifeguard always on duty. 

* It has excellent equipment

The outdoor pool offers various types of equipment that include a water slide, lane lines and pulling gear. The activities that you can find here include private swim lessons and recreational or open swimming. Law swimming is also available here.

* It operates all year round

What’s more, the swim school found at Croissant Park Pool is one of the most popular in Florida. You can access the facility any time you want because Croissant remains open all the year round, thus making it easy to use to achieve your physical fitness goals. 


Finally, Croissant Park Pool in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a municipal facility. Therefore, the park pool opens its doors to everybody. The facility is safe for children and adults alike. You should visit Croissant Park Pool today to see the qualities that make it truly exceptional.

Park Hours: 8 am to 9 pm

Pool/Water Playground Hours: Call (954) 828-6156

Park Size (Acres): 16.3

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