Heron Park

Most neighborhoods in Weston, Florida have scenic walkways along the streets, with tree lined sidewalks, often filled by bikers, joggersor strollers. Nevertheless, the City of Weston is rich in peaceful parks for relaxation and various types of fun. The picturesque parks in Weston offer a wide range of recreational opportunities for residents and visitors seeking a
break from the bustles of the busy city.

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Harbourdale Park


Harbordale Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is location on the 1817 South Miami Road.

Sure, you could go to Orlando to check out the theme parks, but sometimes people would rather enjoy a quiet time in a quite park with their kids and loved ones. Harbordale Park could be the place for you, as it ensures cleanliness. You can have your children play in the local playground while you take comfortable seat on one of the benches, better to find one that is under the shade.

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Florence C. Hardy Park

If you're looking to relax in a comfortable place around Fort Lauderdale while your kids lose themselves in fun and games, you will want to check out the Florence C. Hardy Park located at 25 S.W. 9th Street. The park is designed to cater to people of different age groups, with facilities both for children of different age groups and for adults as well. The park occupies an extensive 7.8 acres and boasts a large open play area, tennis courts, an athletic field and lawn bowling facilities.

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Gator Run Park


Gator Run Park is one of the most popular children’s parks in Weston. It is located in a Park Road, on a 7 acre land. It is full of recreation possibilities, starting from the playground to the picnic shelters.  The park is near the Gator Run Elementary School. This means that it perfectly serves the leisure interests of these pupils. Additionally, the playground is shaded, which means that the children can safely play without getting any sunburns. This gives the parents an opportunity to sit and relax.

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Emerald Estates Park

At the Emerald Estates Park, located in the southern part of Weston, South Florida, families can enjoy a fun time participating in an array of relaxing activities that are at their disposal.

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Everglades Swamp Tours


Whether you are on a family outing or on an adventurous date Everglades Swamp Tours offers experienced guides that will take you on a professional Airboat Tour that will be sure to be an unforgettable one. Come visit and experience the Florida Everglades eco-system with Everglades Swamp Tours as you take an Airboat Ride through "The River of Grass" or paddle a kayak into the wilderness. Look for hundreds of native and non native birds. A bird watchers paradise! You will have an opportunity to see a bobcat, deer, panther or even a black bear.

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Jerry Resnick Aquatic Center

 The Jerry Resnick Aquatic Center is a 13-acre recreational facility located in North Lauderdale FL, at 701 SW 71st Avenue. The park consists of a junior Olympic size pool, a water playground, and a two tube water slide. The facility is open from March to October and is heated during the fall and spring months. 

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Dottie Mancini Park

The Dottie Mancini Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a popular outdoor recreation area for the city's residents. Located on 6520 NE 22 Avenue, this beautiful 1.2 acre park is open 13 hours a day from 8 am to 9 pm at night. 

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Tree Tops Park

Located in Davie, Florida Tree Tops Park is a natural park that was created in 1980. The park sits on a 243.3 acres piece of land that was originally earmarked to be a golf course before Broward County intervened. The park is the gateway to the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area. Pine Island Ridge Park is the highest natural elevation at 29 feet above sea level and is an archealogical site characterized by equestrian and nature trails. This former dairy farm is characterized by oak trees and walking trails.

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Jaco Pastorius Park and Community Center

Jaco Pistorius Park in Oakland Park, Florida, takes it's name in remembrance of one of the all-time greats of jazz and base guitar. 
The location is not a park as you would normally picture a park, but rather an open field where all the hip and happening events in the area take shape. Many people travel far and wide to attend these events at the well-known park.

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