Gator Run Park

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    16400 Emerald Estates Drive
    Weston FL 33331
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Gator Run Park


Gator Run Park is one of the most popular children’s parks in Weston. It is located in a Park Road, on a 7 acre land. It is full of recreation possibilities, starting from the playground to the picnic shelters.  The park is near the Gator Run Elementary School. This means that it perfectly serves the leisure interests of these pupils. Additionally, the playground is shaded, which means that the children can safely play without getting any sunburns. This gives the parents an opportunity to sit and relax.

However, the Gator Run Park in Weston is intended for visitors of all ages and backgrounds. Families can spend a whole day in this park. The picnic shelters are made just for those days. They are of smaller build, and there are three of them. When creating the shelters, picnic days were kept in mind. The park also has modern restroom facilities so you will feel all taken care of while enjoying your time in this park.

Additionally, the Gator Run Park in Weston is dog friendly.  The only rule is that the dogs are allowed on a maximum of 6’ leash. For the bike lovers, the park offers Fixit Bike Repair Station. Fixit Station has all the tools needed to perform basic bike repairs, from flat changing, to derailleurs and brakes adjustment. The air pump and the tools are safe to use, attached securely.

If night walks is what you prefer, the Weston’s Gator Run Park provides its visitors with lighted walkways. The lights also make the Gator Run Park still safe for your children even when the Sun goes down, and gives a soft touch for the casual walks around the park.

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