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Harbourdale Park

Harbordale Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is location on the 1817 South Miami Road.

Sure, you could go to Orlando to check out the theme parks, but sometimes people would rather enjoy a quiet time in a quite park with their kids and loved ones. Harbordale Park could be the place for you, as it ensures cleanliness. You can have your children play in the local playground while you take comfortable seat on one of the benches, better to find one that is under the shade.

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Gator Run Park

Gator Run Park is one of the most popular children’s parks in Weston. It is located in a Park Road, on a 7 acre land. It is full of recreation possibilities, starting from the playground to the picnic shelters. The park is near the Gator Run Elementary School. This means that it perfectly serves the leisure interests of these pupils. Additionally, the playground is shaded, which means that the children can safely play without getting any sunburns. This gives the parents an opportunity to sit and relax.

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Dyer Park

Dyer Park in West Palm Beach is regarded as one of the top 5 Palm Beach County places that tourists and locals love to visit. Dyer Park (Haverhill Road, West Palm Beach, FL) is located very close to Military Trail and Blue Heron. This park is one of the best places for running, biking or playing soccer. The less adventurous use this park for their daily morning walks or a casual stroll in the afternoon. Originally the park area was used as a dump and was turned into this beautiful park; so there are many small hills all around.

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Alice Wainwright Park


If you are looking for a wonderful place to take the whole family for an afternoon of fun and relaxation, Alice Wainwright Park in Miami is the place to be. All parks have their unique qualities, but not every park can provide breathtaking views of downtown Miami and Key Biscayne. That, and its rare locale in the middle of a host of high rises, is what makes this park a hidden Miami gem. It is a bay front oasis that provides picnic shelters and benches that face the water. A basketball court is available for anyone who wants to shoot hoops.

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Coral Reef Park

Coral Reef Park in Palmetto Bay is the village's premier public park with over 50 acres of stunning south Florida. Many families enjoy coming to this park for the natural pineland preserves, the beautiful wildlife, outdoor sports and tennis lessons. You will see many people enjoying a rest under the shady trees, reading books, bird watching, picnicking and more. This park has a tranquil feel with a lovely, streaming canal and peaceful walking trails. You will easily see why it is consistently rated 4 & 5 stars on most review sites.

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Seminole Wayside Park

Seminole Wayside Park, located in Homestead, is the perfect place to enjoy nature. This park is one of the oldest parks acquired in Miami-Dade county. The park is enclosed by a low rock wall all the way around it's 27.7 acres of beauty. The park contains a variety of plant life including some endangered species. Two of these species are federally endangered, while the other twenty-four are endangered inside the state. From sunrise to sunset, this park is open to any visitors to come and enjoy. 

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Castellow Hammock Preserve & Nature Center

The Hammock Preserve & Nature Center was named in honor of James S. Castellow who was a farmer that claimed the 160 acres of property and made his homestead in early 1900.  He was one of south Florida’s earliest citrus farmers. He carried citrus trees from the town of Cutler. Hugh Matheson, Jr. who had purchased the property in the 1950s for land trade but then the trade never happened. In 1962, Park included the tropical hardwood forest, which was a paradise for tree botanists and snail collectors.

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Larry & Penny Thompson Park

The Larry & Penny Thompson Park is a first class campground in Miami-Dade County. This beautiful campground is right next door to the Zoo Miami. The park is named after the late Thompsons who were avid campers and civic leaders in in South Florida. This campground is one of the last portions of leftover wilderness in Miami! The University of Miami used to own this land and there are remnants left of their old fruit groves.

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Highland Oaks Park


The Highland Oaks Park in the northern Miami-Dade County houses one of the last remaining freshwater wetlands located at the headwaters of the renowned Oleta River. It is the only natural river remaining in the Miami-Dade County. The Highland Oaks Park is a huge park with a number of open fields. It is a favorite place for the athletes. The park also has boardwalks that are accessible by all, a fishing dock and trails. The most popular trails include the Black Oak Barren Trail & Spring Lake Trail.

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Amelia Earhart Park

Amelia Earhart Park in Miami-Dade County is one of the largest parks in the city of Hialeah, with many activities for the entire family at this beautiful, 515 acre park with 5 lakes.  Read this article about the NEW 2015 renovation of the playground into "Tom Sawyer's Island" play area!  This whimsical, natural and exciting new playground will definitely keep the kids occupied and off the ipad!

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