Seminole Wayside Park


Seminole Wayside Park, located in Homestead, is the perfect place to enjoy nature. This park is one of the oldest parks acquired in Miami-Dade county. The park is enclosed by a low rock wall all the way around it's 27.7 acres of beauty. The park contains a variety of plant life including some endangered species. Two of these species are federally endangered, while the other twenty-four are endangered inside the state. From sunrise to sunset, this park is open to any visitors to come and enjoy. 

Over twenty acres of land are pine rocklands. These pine rocklands are at high risk and can only be found in Florida and the Bahamas. These lands feature limestone rock outcroppings, tropical and temperate plant life, and the slash pine. Plant life includes vines, herbaceous flowers, and palms. Not only are unique types of plant life sustained in this environment, but animal life as well. Pine rocklands used to cover much of Miami-Dade county, but now only make up about two percent. The Seminole Wayside Park is especially rare and appreciated because it contains this rare type of forest. 

This park is located close to the MetroRail and isn't far from downtown Miami, making it easily accessible. The park is a few blocks south of the SW 296th street bus stop. In addition, the park is located near the Mowry Canal. This provides even more opportunity for families to enjoy nature after they've experienced the park. The South Dade Trail runs parallel to the Busway which allows for cycling and skateboarding.  Opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and canoeing are possible on the nearby canal. Take a break from the city and spend the day exploring the many acres of endangered land and afterwards stop by the canal. Because Seminole Wayside Park is one of the few places on the planet with imperiled pine rocklands, it is unique experience that only a few people around the world are able to enjoy.