Nature trails and centers located within a park.

Dyer Park

Dyer Park in West Palm Beach is regarded as one of the top 5 Palm Beach County places that tourists and locals love to visit. Dyer Park (Haverhill Road, West Palm Beach, FL) is located very close to Military Trail and Blue Heron. This park is one of the best places for running, biking or playing soccer. The less adventurous use this park for their daily morning walks or a casual stroll in the afternoon. Originally the park area was used as a dump and was turned into this beautiful park; so there are many small hills all around. 

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Dottie Mancini Park

The Dottie Mancini Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a popular outdoor recreation area for the city's residents. Located on 6520 NE 22 Avenue, this beautiful 1.2 acre park is open 13 hours a day from 8 am to 9 pm at night. 

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Winding Waters Natural Area

If you and your family are looking for ultimate peace be sure to take a hike around Winding Waters in West Palm Beach. It is situated between the Turnpike and the Haverhill, south of Dyer park. It offers to go far away from the city noise and lets you feel the soul soothing melody of Florida nature!

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Pine Island Park and Aquatic Center

From children to teenagers to adults who are young at heart, the Pine Island Park & Aquatic Center has facilities for everyone. 

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Tree Tops Park

Located in Davie, Florida Tree Tops Park is a natural park that was created in 1980. The park sits on a 243.3 acres piece of land that was originally earmarked to be a golf course before Broward County intervened. The park is the gateway to the Pine Island Ridge Natural Area. Pine Island Ridge Park is the highest natural elevation at 29 feet above sea level and is an archealogical site characterized by equestrian and nature trails. This former dairy farm is characterized by oak trees and walking trails.

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Jaco Pastorius Park and Community Center

Jaco Pistorius Park in Oakland Park, Florida, takes it's name in remembrance of one of the all-time greats of jazz and base guitar. 
The location is not a park as you would normally picture a park, but rather an open field where all the hip and happening events in the area take shape. Many people travel far and wide to attend these events at the well-known park.

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Esplanade Park

Visiting South Florida and don’t know what to do? Or been living here for a while and feel like sightseeing?

Take a walk around Esplanade Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL. It provides an awesome view whilst rambling around the famous Fort Lauderdale Riverwalk. There are many events in the park throughout the whole year, so if you’re coming down for a visit, try checking the South Florida Finds website beforehand. 

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Plantation Woods park


Plantation Woods Park is located in Plantation, FL. The park was designed by a man of the name David Serrano, who constructed the front entrance, squirrel statues, and log benches that you can see throughout the park. The park consists of three different playgrounds corresponding to age.  Art can be found throughout the play space. Take the kids on flights of imagination as they play in tree houses, with grizzly bears and soar on specialty tree swings. Another artist by the name of Kevin Kichar created six beautiful mosaic medallions.

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Apoxee Wilderness Trail

Serenity has always complemented nature’s beauty. Such fascinating beauty lies in an urban park which is almost a mile from the northern side of the Vista Centre. It's simplicity is enchanting, considering how close it is to busy civilization.

Apoxee, which is pronounced as Ah-po-ee, is a word derived from the Miccosukee Language. It means Beyond Tomorrow. The park has a unique water supply which comes from the wetlands to ensure that the urban and environmental sustainability is sustained.

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Fern Forest


The Fern Forest Nature Center in Coconut Creek is the last remnant of what used to be a Cypress Creek flood-way and Hammock. The 247.1-acrewilderness land is full of diverse plant communities all influenced by different soil types, differences in elevation and bedrock exposure as well as human activities. In 1979, the land was purchased by Broward County from the Palm Aire Development Corporation, as a new center aimed at preserving the unique botanical features of the site.

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