Blazing Star Nature Preserve

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    1751 W Camino Real
    Boca Raton FL 33486
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Blazing Star Nature Preserve


Blazing Star Nature Preserve is found in Boca Raton Florida and comprises dunes from the ancient Atlantic Coastal Ridge. The site is named after the blazing star plant blooming in purple throughout the fall and late
summer. The site was established from funding from the 2000 Florida Communities Trust Preservation Program, allowing local residents and tourists to access the site. Two loop trails are available for visitors to
travel throughout the site, offering 24 acres of sand and scrubland, with an additional two acres being comprised of a wetland. The hike through the site is of easy to moderate difficulty, welcoming visitors of all
ages. The paths are not paved, making them not accessible for wheelchairs. Trails are one mile and half a mile in length with benches along the trails allowing for visitors to rest or otherwise take in the local nature.

The interior loop encourages visitors to experience nature away from the sounds of traffic, whereas following the longer route allows one to hear the nearby Interstate throughout the hike. There are few bugs
to bother visitors, however, the call of crickets and cicadas maintains the desert atmosphere. There are no associated permits or fees for visitors of Blazing Star Nature Preserve, however, no dogs are allowed at the

Visitors are encouraged to read about the local habitat and the historic Atlantic Coastal Ridge the site resides upon, with an informative kiosk being present at the start of the trail system. Being a nature preserve, the site
Blazing Star Nature Preserve offers a variety of plant and animal sightings, including the prickly pear cactus, marsh ferns, and the protected gopher tortoises. The nature preserve, along with its neighboring parks
including Sugar Sand Park and Cypress Knee Slough Preserve, offers a respite for flora and fauna displaced by local development.

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