Emerald Estates Park

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  • location_on Emerald Estates Park
    16400 Emerald Estates Drive
    Weston FL 33331
  • contact_phone 954-389-4321

Emerald Estates Park


At the Emerald Estates Park, located in the southern part of Weston, South Florida, families can enjoy a fun time participating in an array of relaxing activities that are at their disposal. This perfectly clean and landscaped park, that stretches 5 acres, is an enjoyable place for children to socialize and partake in healthy, fun exercises, as it offers a basketball court, tennis courts and a shaded playground.  The walking trails of the park are long enough for those who find pleasure in taking long, relaxing walks, while the exercise paths and fitness stations make sure sport enthusiasts have everything they need. If you wish to take your family for a fun bicycle ride, there is a Fixit bike repair station offered at the park itself, so all problems can be fixed easily and with great regard to your safety. For families who wish to include their pet in their outing, this park is an ideal choice, as it is dog friendly, provided the dogs have a leash with a maximum of 6' or less. 

The Emerald Estates Park is a perfect place for having a barbeque with your friends and family on a sunny afternoon, as it has two picnic shelters equipped with tables and grill. These shelters are available for rentals and reservations through the Weston Community Center, so you can always be sure your favorite barbeque place will be awaiting you when needed. The park is also equipped with restroom facilities and a parking, so you do not need to walk far to get to the park. As night falls, the illumination on the green environment adds to its attraction, while sitting areas provide for a nice place to rest and watch the sunset. The Emerald Estates Park in Weston is a quiet, serene setting, perfect for an active or relaxed family outing.

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