Phil Foster Park


Phil Foster Park


Phil Foster Park is a 15+ acre park in Riviera Beach located just under the Blue Heron Blvd Bridge in Palm Beach County.  This park is most popular for it's snorkeling and scuba diving in the Lake Worth Lagoon aka the Intracoastal Waterways.  Just south of the bridge is a guarded swimming area that is well-marked.  No diving is allowed in that area.  The parking can be found north of the bridge along with the restrooms. The bridge itself is popular with fishermen so if you come to Phil Foster to scuba dive please be careful near those areas not to get caught in their lines.

The key to enjoying a good underwater adventure at Phil Foster is timing.  You need to come when the water has clarity and when the current isn't so strong it will suck you out with it. Check when High Slack Tide will be nad plan to be in the water about 30 minutes before that.  Find out why this spot has become an international sensation when you look beneath the surface to find spotted rays, batfish, seahorses, starfish, squid and other amazing marine life. In 2012, an underwater snorkeling trail was created using limestone boulders and other objects to create an 800-ft long artificial reef. Travel along it's 2 acre area and only be in a depth of no more than 10 feet. If you're a scuba diver, bring your dive flag and see why so many people frequent this spot for scuba dives. The deepest area is a little over 20 feet deep.  Be sure to check the map and be aware of the safest spots to dive. This is a popular spot with boaters as well so be aware of moorings and channels. 

The park is open from sunrise to sunset. Dives that are not done during park hours need special permissions.  If interested in a night dive, contact a local scuba vendor.

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