Wakodahatchee Wetlands


Palm Beach County Water Utilities Department manages the Wakodahatchee Wetlands as a  water reclamation area.  Local highly treated waste water is pumped into the wetlands to be filtered by native vegetation and soil.  The water is then reclaimed for irrigational use.  The entire boardwalk is less than 1 mile long so it is very manageable for families. The wetlands are home to alligators, ibis, great blue heron, limpkin, purple gallinule, marsh rabbits, racoons, all sorts of turtles and iguana.  This is a bird watchers paradise.  There is a pavillion near the entrance where birds will nest so you can get an up close view of hatchlings.  The park is open from sunrise to sunset.  The best times to see active wildlife is at those times.  The native fauna is always a treat any time of the day.  There are restrooms and parking however during the Snow Bird season (about Oct-March) parking may be difficult so get there early for a spot.   Occasionally photography workshops and wildlife walks will be held at Wakodahatchee.  This park is located just North of Lake Ida Road on Jog in Delray Beach.  Another, larger, wetlands is located on a parallel street.  Green Cay has wetlands and a very nice nature exhibit that is infrequently open.  It's located in Delray Beach on Hagen Ranch Road just north of Lake Ida.