Old School Square And Park


Old School Square and Park


Located in the heart of the downtown Delray beach shopping and dining district, this popular venue and park is the location of several major holiday and cultural events.  The campus includes the Cornell Museum of Art and American Culture (in the former 1913 Delray Elementary building), the Crest Theatre (in the former 1925 high school building), the Vintage Gymnasium (c. 1925), The Pavilion (a state of the art outdoor performance venue), and the School of Creative Arts (located in the Crest Theatre classrooms and studios), where events, theater, exhibits and learning opportunities enrich the local community.

The linear park is located adjacent to the Pavillion performance stage and the public parking garage.  There is a huge open green field where children can run out all of their energy as well as a handful of playground equipment.  There are restrooms attached to the parking garage that are well maintained.  If you have the family downtown for dinner and a stroll you can stop by to let them play and grab an ice cream in the Pineapple Grove district.  Seasonally there are free outdoor concerts on Friday at the Pavillion or there are frequently events and festivals.

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