Delray Oaks Natural Area


Delray Oaks Natural Area on Congress Avenue in Delray Beach contains  examples of native Floridian prairie and xeric hammock ecosystems. The 25-acre site also contains a small wetland and areas of mesic flat woods. The tree canopy includes many live oak trees and sabal palms, with an understory of wild coffee, beauty berry, and saw palmetto. Oak hammocks are rare in Florida and in Palm Beach County due to urban development. The oak hammock community only develops in areas where fires have not occurred for at least 30 years. These hammocks do not normally cover extensive area, but occur as isolated patches. 

This site is managed as part of a countywide system of natural area, protected to maintain the diversity of biological communities and species in Palm Beach County. The natural area is open to the public for environmental education, scientific research and passive recreational activities such as photography, nature walks and bird watching. Public use facilities include a parking area, an accessible nature trail with observation platform, information kiosk, and a hiking trail.