Fort Lauderdale

9 South Florida Spots Your Family Must Visit


If thoughts of Florida bring up memories of Disney World and Daytona Beach, you will need to give it another visit. Florida has more to offer than just central Florida attractions. South Florida has a number of family-packed vacation spots that will leave you and the kids wanting to head back for more. Fun-filled and adventure soaked, these are the stuff vacations are made of. Don't settle for boring holidays with limited excursions.

Accessible South Florida: Barrier Free Family Recreation


Family recreation in South Florida is available to all regardless of ability.  Beaches across the area have beach wheelchairs, pools have chair lifts and playgrounds now are being built with ramps so that the entire family can participate in play!  South Florida Finds wanted to make a list of some wonderful places to go with the whole family so that no one feels left out. We realize that sometimes a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or child with different abilities may feel challenged to locate places to go with friends and family.

Top 10 South Florida Family Adventures


We have collected a selection of some of the most adventurous outings to take with your family and have rated them either MILD or WILD.  Families with younger children or the more cautious explorers would enjoy the milder activities while families with older or more adrenaline charged members can take a chance with something more wild.