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Accessible South Florida: Barrier Free Family Recreation


Family recreation in South Florida is available to all regardless of ability.  Beaches across the area have beach wheelchairs, pools have chair lifts and playgrounds now are being built with ramps so that the entire family can participate in play!  South Florida Finds wanted to make a list of some wonderful places to go with the whole family so that no one feels left out. We realize that sometimes a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle or child with different abilities may feel challenged to locate places to go with friends and family.

Retreating Indoors: Best Bets for Indoor Fun in Palm Beach


As America's only region with a tropical monsoon climate, South Florida is no stranger to a hot and humid summer. Temperatures in the summertime often breach the 90 F barrier, with the accompanying high humidity making it difficult for people, especially kids, to indulge in outdoor activities. To further compound the problem, this is also the time when monsoon is at its peak, ruling out the possibility of outdoor family activities.