Discover Fort Lauderdale with Kids


White sandy beaches, Venice-like canal system, Port Everglades with beautiful mega-ships, top-notch restaurants, and profound culture and history – no wonder families choose Fort Lauderdale as their vacation
spot. This Floridian paradise, also known as 'The Venice of America’, is perfect for an enlightening and eye opening experience for quality family bonding time and children of all ages. When traveling in and around Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a family, it’s essential to plan a trip so that your children or grandchildren will enjoy every moment of new experiences, sights, cultures, and foods. We prepared a list of the best and most popular things to see and do in Fort Lauderdale with kids.

With so much to do it can be difficult to choose what to do first. Here are a few of our suggestions of where to start. Be sure to check out more on Fort Lauderdale here.

Jungle Queen Fort Lauderdale

Jungle Queen Riverboats

Your family vacation in Fort Lauderdale won’t count if you didn’t go on a world-famous sightseeing tour on one of the Jungle Queen Riverboats. It’s not just a cruise, but an unforgettable lifetime memory for you and
your kids. There are two different tours. One is during the daytime, lasts three hours, and visits Port Everglades, Millionaire’s Row, the fascinating New River, the downtown of Fort Lauderdale, and the Jungle Queen
Indian Village, a magnificent tropical island with alligator fights, remarkable greenery, and wildlife. The second one is during the evening, lasts four hours, and consists of a trip along the New River and a barbeque
and shrimp dinner on an island, accompanied by a breathtaking show.

Bluefoot Pirate Adventure

Everybody wanted to be a pirate, sailing through the waves in search of gold, at least once in their lifetime. Now, imagine living the life of a real pirate for a few hours with your whole family aboard. Bluefoot Pirate Family Adventures provides you with that opportunity in a fully interactive private cruise with a treasure hunt, fun battles, pirate gear, face and tattoo paintings, and the learning of pirate slang words. You and your family will set sail for a 90 minute excursion on the high seas, in search of pirates' treasure. This intriguing and captivating adventure will be the highlight of your trip but will also teach you and your children how to locate landmarks and use nautical charts. All Hand Hoy!