Top 10 South Florida Family Adventures


We have collected a selection of some of the most adventurous outings to take with your family and have rated them either MILD or WILD.  Families with younger children or the more cautious explorers would enjoy the milder activities while families with older or more adrenaline charged members can take a chance with something more wild.

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Top 5 Trolley Rides in South Florida

Take your kids for a trolley ride!

You see them while driving about town and the kids holler "LOOK!  A TROLLEY!".  You smile and say "I see it".  They may even beg to ride one.  Why not indulge them in a local adventure?  Several cities are providing trolley service in order to reduce traffic by enabling people to access their jobs, homes, shops and public facilities without driving and parking. They are either free or very affordable.

Ingrid Lee Wed, 03/19/2014 - 20:01
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