Top 5 Trolley Rides in South Florida


Take your kids for a trolley ride!

You see them while driving about town and the kids holler "LOOK!  A TROLLEY!".  You smile and say "I see it".  They may even beg to ride one.  Why not indulge them in a local adventure?  Several cities are providing trolley service in order to reduce traffic by enabling people to access their jobs, homes, shops and public facilities without driving and parking. They are either free or very affordable.

We have selected the best of the available trolley rides offered by local cities in South Florida.  We chose the ones with the most scenic routes and routes with the most fun for families.

These street-wheeled, air-conditioned trolleys provide a distinct experience, with slatted wooden seats and big windows. All are smoke- and food-free, wheelchair-accessible and well-maintained. 

Trolley Interior

What can you do?

  • Carry a picnic lunch and eat in a park with a playground
  • Stop at a wide variety of shops and restaurants
  • Go to a beach or splash pad (bring your swim gear!)
  • Visit a museum
  • Watch trains
  • Watch boats
  • Paddle a canoe
  • Take a walk along the shore or on a nature trail
  • Ride in an elevated train
  • Just have a relaxing time and enjoy the scenery

We compiled a list of South Florida's  5 best trolley rides including some of the highlighted stops on the route. Climb aboard any of these fun trolleys and make some new discoveries together!