Peanut Island


Peanut Island
6500 Peanut Island Road
Riviera Beach, FL 33404
Sunrise to Sunset for day use
Free for day use
Open to the Public
(561) 845-4445

Peanut Island was begun as a small 10 acres island that was a product of dredging done in the Intracoastal back in 1918.  Over the years, further dredging and deposits have grown the island to over 80 acres!  A recent project in Lake Worth to produce the new Snook Islands utilized fill from this island.  This island has a historic tie to John F. Kennedy from the time of the Cuban Missle Crisis.  His bunker, as well as a Maritime Museum, can be found on the island.  Most locals who frequent the island do so for snorkelling, fishing, sunbathing, partying and camping.  Private water taxi service is available from nearby local businesses.