Rosemary Scrub Area

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  • location_on Rosemary Scrub Area
    2901 N. Seacrest Boulevard
    boynton beach FL 33445
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The Rosemary Scrub Area is just north of Gateway Blvd on the west side of Seacrest in Boynton Beach. This passive recreation area is great for bird watching, photography and educational purposes. This scrub area is open from sunrise to sunset. Rosemary Scrub is one of the few remaining examples of the Florida Scrub Ecosystem left in Palm Beach County. The site contains sand pine scrub, scrubby pine flatwoods and mesic hammock communities. Less than 2% of the historic scrub ecosystem still exists in the County, making preservation of this endangered natural community extremely important.

Rosemary Scrub does not contain many animals because of its small size and urban location. The site does protect a small population of gopher tortoises, and serves as a sanctuary for migratory birds. It will be managed to create favorable conditions for the return of listed species such as the Florida scrub jay. Other animals present on the site include the green anole and six-lined racerunner. Various rare plants recorded on the site include the endangered Curtiss' milkweed, large-flowered rosemary, nodding pinweed and erect prickly pear. Other plants found on the site include the giant air plant, coast plain staggerbush, deer moss, netted pawpaw and several species of native bromeliads. This location was established by Palm Beach County and is maintained by the Recreation and Parks Department.