Dante Fascell Park


Dante Fascell Park


If you are looking for a substitute to Tropical Park or any other park that is jam packed on a holiday, you should check this place out. Dante Fascell Park is one of the best parks located in the city of South Miami, on Red Road east of US1. It is small but with an amazing playground, a pavilion, BBQ pits, tennis and volleyball courts, you have all you require.

South Miami is situated in Miami-Dade country, Florida at a geographical space of approximately (25.710279,-80.295170). According to the census bureau of the United States of America, the city has a total area of at least 6 kilometers square almost entirely covered by land. This area of Miami-Dade county is known for its quiet, lush residential neighborhoods and energetic downtown packed with a lot of restaurants, historic buildings and unique shops.

Dante Fascell Park in South Miami is a small, but very pleasant park which is located in quiet neighborhood.  Despite its smaller size, Dante Fascell Park in South Miami has plenty of recreational opportunities. The park has pleasant clay tennis courts, an additional handball court, half court basketball and beach volleyball. The best thing about Dante Fascell Park in South Miami is its enjoyable shade and play areas. There are a lot of beautiful trees and it is so good to be able to relax from the hot sun. The playground and the soft exercise trail circling the park are quite popular with the locals.  Please keep an extra eye on your children as the wood fence barrier is not sufficient to prevent children from approaching the street or bordering canal.  There is a nude female reclining statue in the play area so if you are not the type ok with your child climbing up a naked concrete woman...this may be a park  you skip.  The statue was done by a local artist by the name of Donald Lee Seiler (1928-2000).

Why was this park named Dante Fascell?  Mr. Fascell was a loyal long serving representative of Florida in the US Congress. Among other ambitious things, he championed the making of Biscayne National Park. Anybody curious about learning more about him can find The Dante B. congressional papers at University of Miami Special book Collections. 

For every family, Dante Fascell Park in Miami South Miami would be a great park for an amazing picnic.  Please be aware that restrooms may consist of a porta-potty option.

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