Panther Ridge Conservation Center

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  • location_on Panther Ridge Conservation Center
    14755 Palm Beach Point Blvd.
    Wellington FL 33414
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  • attach_money Standard Tour for a min. of 4: Adults $25, Kids under 12 $10. Contact venue for other special tour pricing
  • contact_phone 561-795-8914
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Panther Ridge Conservation Center

If you are in South Florida and want a place to take your family that is extra special, someplace that they will be talking about for a long time, then you need to go to the Panther Ridge Conservation Center. The center is a privately owned non-profit facility that provides a home and expert care for endangered big cats like leopards, cheetahs, cougars, jaguars, and more. Located in Wellington, Florida just 20 miles away from West Palm Beach, in Palm Beach County.

In addition to being a shelter for some of the most amazing exotic cats, Panther Ridge Conservation Center is also an education and research facility. The center allows school groups to learn about, study, and interact with the endangered cats when they visit. Many of the cats come to the center as rescue animals and are saved from the abuse or neglect that they had previously suffered. Once relocated to Panther Ridge, they receive the care and attention that they need to bring them back to both physical and mental/emotional health.

If you would like to bring your family to see these magnificent animals in Wellington, be prepared to call ahead. Panther Ridge is not open to the public. All visits are strictly by appointment only. This is not intended to deter visitors, as the center encourages people to come visit and take one of the 3 tours available. The Standard Tour runs for approximately 1 hour and is run by members of the center's staff, and they will take you from exhibit to exhibit introducing each feline resident and telling their stories. The Directors Tour runs for about 2 hours and is personally lead by the director herself, where she gives detailed information about each big cat while interacting with them. The Photographers Tour, also run by the director Judy Berens, gives the same level of comprehensive information about each animal. In addition, the director will also help position the animals for close up photography (all photos are taken from a safe distance while separated by the enclosure).

These tours through the beautiful animal enclosures may not come cheap (the standard tour starts at $100 minimum for any group), but offers an intimate look at some stunning animals that you will not see anywhere else. Your visit to the non-profit Panther Ridge Conservation Center will likely be one that you will remember forever, and become one of your family's treasured memories. Be prepared, it is very likely that you will leave a piece of your heart with these marvelous felines.


Please check with the center regarding current tour pricing.