Apoxee Wilderness Trail


Apoxee Wilderness Trail


Serenity has always complemented nature’s beauty. Such fascinating beauty lies in an urban park which is almost a mile from the northern side of the Vista Centre. It's simplicity is enchanting, considering how close it is to busy civilization.

Apoxee, which is pronounced as Ah-po-ee, is a word derived from the Miccosukee Language. It means Beyond Tomorrow. The park has a unique water supply which comes from the wetlands to ensure that the urban and environmental sustainability is sustained.

Apoxee Wilderness Trail in West Palm Beach, FL features an exciting 4.7 miles of hiking, with water flowing through the habitats that flourish in damp and humid surroundings.

From the parking lot, there are two options to begin the trail; a dirty path on the right or a paved loop which leads to pine and oak trees. The dirty path is narrow and has trees on both sides, and there is a boardwalk that crosses one of the lakes. There is plenty of plant life that covers the bottom of the lake like a carpet, being so thick in some areas that one may think that there are canyons under water.

Hikers can make their walk as long or as short as they want to, given that there is wildlife to watch and some old Florida Landscape. There are egrets, lizards, ospreys, raccoon, armadillo, bobcat, white-tailed deer, herons, and frogs. For the able-bodied individuals, there are awesome walking paths.

The Apoxee Wilderness Trail is nature in its raw form. The vegetation is dense and lively and rejuvenating. The views are breath-taking, with canopies that weave into each other naturally and on moving further, they open to wetland and marsh areas. 

The Owahee trail, which is a long heel path runs through the Grassy Waters Preserve and is joined by a combination of boardwalks, natural surfaces, and crushed limestone. The sidewalks give hikers a crystal clear view of the lakes with benches placed strategically to sit and relish in the view of the water or grab some lunch while enjoying the sunshine.

Apoxee Wilderness Trail in West Palm Beach, FL map shows that the trail goes for several miles, and it is a beautiful place for bird watching, biking, walking or getting a serene view of nature.

Open sunrise to sunset

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