Veterans Park


Veterans Park in Royal Palm Beach has many times been referred to as a 'hidden paradise'. The park cover almost 6 acres and was incorporated in 1959. This great facility has over the years gained a lot of popularity due to its great amenities that have fun activities for the whole family. There is something for the grown ups and the kids. The kids can enjoy the tot lot and the open area while the adults take in a game of Bocce.

Veterans Park In Royal Palm Beach has a waterfall, great paths, a small and large amphitheatre, mess hall and an interactive splash fountain. This park is filled with great picnic sites that will provide you with a great feel of nature and relaxation. This park is large enough to get out, throw a birthday party, get your groove on as you enjoy the sunshine with your loved ones. You can also chill at one of the pavillions and have a chance to enjoy a great home-town feel.

The Mess Hall Cafe offers healthy snacks and drinks. The park also has some military memorabilia that allows you to go down memory lane and learn more about the various wars our military forces have been engaged in.  The buildings are surrounded by flags and various monuments that are a representation of the brave men and women who fought for this country. This gives families a chance to honor their efforts and learn more about our history.

If you are a fan of the outdoors, or a person who enjoys going out just to enjoy nature and relax, Veterans Park should be your next stop. Visit this great park and get to enjoy great amenities and the comfort of nature. It is also a great place for kids to play, party and even a great chance for them to enjoy history in a fun environment.