Frenchman's Forest Natural Area


Frenchman's Forest Natural Area in Palm Beach Gardens is a 172 acres park which allows the visitor to explore seven native Florida ecosystems. Nature trails include a bike trail, natural surfaces, an accessible trail with observation deck and a raised 500 foot boardwalk trail through the cypress swampland. The area is managed by the county with help from the City of Palm Beach Gardens and is part of the Northeast Everglades Natural Area. Educational displays help you learn about the native flora, fauna, and wildlife within the natural area. Look up to see the black pondhawk, great horned owl, woodpeckers or to see the squirrels scurry about. Slow down and look closely as you walk past giant leather ferns, prickly pear or pond apples. Encourage the children to keep their eyes peeled for the little treasures hiding in small spaces: tree frogs, butterflies, insects, and maybe bobcat tracks and scat. Please be aware that the park does not have restroom facilities nor drinking water so prepare accordingly.