Family Recreation Fitness Center


Family Recreation Fitness Center
850 N Congress Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33445
(561) 243-7250

This odd BRAND NEW park is a sign of our economic times. The City of Delray Beach purchased the property and started clearing it during the "boom" times. Now that the money has run out, the only thing on property is the handicap accessible SHADED playground equipment. The grand plan involves building a large recreation center to serve western Delray residents but construction is on hold indefinitely. So, you have a children's playground right next to the pre-existing Senior Center. Incongruous but a new playground none-the-less. There are no public restrooms BUT the playground is fully fenced which is a must since it is located right along Congress and near a high-traffic intersection. Equipment looks wonderful and it is not well-known, so get out there and have a private play-type experience!