Maximo Gomez Park

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    801 SW 15th Ave
    Miami FL 33135
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The Maximo Gomez Park, also known by the name Domino Park, is a beautiful and famous landmark in Little Havana, Miami. It was constructed in the year 1976 for local domino enthusiasts. The park has been sculpted at the South-West corner of 8th street and 15th Avenue called Calle Ocho. The park passageways are alluringly paved with domino shaped tiles that enhance the beauty of the park. Not to mention, there are lovely pavilion structures and lined up benches for spectators in this peaceful park. So, why would you need spectators in this park? For the endless Dominoes games played by the residents here, of course.

Since its creation, residents, especially of the Cuban decent, hangout in the park to play Dominoes with each other. These games have been going on for decades now and are still played by them with full concentration. This pastime activity enjoyed here has been a major attraction for tourists from all around the area who visit the park to have a look at their games. Several domino tables have been set up under the Pavilions where these games take place everyday. Besides the games, people love hanging out there, having coffee and spending their free time with friends and family.

Maximo Gomez Park might leave you intrigued by the consistency of these local people who come there everyday to keep up with this traditional game. The players are usually middle-aged and older Cuban folk who compete in these games with each other. If you visit Little Havana, you will definitely have to check out this endearing place that exhibits the passion of the people for this game of Dominoes. But, be cautious not to disturb them while they are playing the game as it might annoy them. Game tables are also set up for chess and checkers. Watch or decide to compete against each other in a family game or two!

The park is open daily from 7:30am - 9pm.