South Immokalee Park

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  • location_on South Immokalee Park
    418 School Dr
    Immokalee FL 34142
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South Immokalee Park


Immokalee is an area in Collier County in Florida, with a population of more than 20,000, who are primarily engaged in agricultural activities. It has a number of  parks with recreational facilities and the South Immokalee Park in Immokalee, is popular among both children and adults since it has sports and other facilities. The Park is located at 418 , School drive in Immokalee. To reach the park, the visitor should take the Immokalee Road eastward from Naples, which is approximately 25 miles from Immokale . After passing the Seminole Casino in Immokalee, the visitor should take the first right and reach the School Drive, where the Park is located.

The park in South Immokalee is open on all days of the week from 8 am till sunset, so that visitors can use the park throughout the day. The park has an associated office which is open from two pm to 6 pm on Monday to Friday. On Saturday the office is open from 10 am to two pm. However the office remains closed on Sunday. The park is very popular in the area, as it has a large outdoor basketball court. Young people of both genders enjoy playing basketball on this court in the park. Adult men are also spotted enjoy a game of basketball in the well maintained outdoor courts. 

This Immokalee park is also popular with children for its playgrounds and other recreational facilities. It has a yellow color slide for children who enjoy sliding down. There are also a number of well maintained swings in the park, allowing a few children to enjoy the open air. There is a large open grassy area, where both children and adults can relax, play games or use for other activities like eating out, teaching outdoors. The park has a car parking facility where the visitors cars can be parked safely, while the visitor or their children use the Casino facility. Trees have also been planted in the park to add a touch of greenery.

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