Plantation Woods Park

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    5555 Palm Tree Rd
    Plantation FL 33317
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Plantation Woods park


Plantation Woods Park is located in Plantation, FL. The park was designed by a man of the name David Serrano, who constructed the front entrance, squirrel statues, and log benches that you can see throughout the park. The park consists of three different playgrounds corresponding to age.  Art can be found throughout the play space. Take the kids on flights of imagination as they play in tree houses, with grizzly bears and soar on specialty tree swings. Another artist by the name of Kevin Kichar created six beautiful mosaic medallions. Challenge the kids to find them all!

The park hours are from 8:00am until sunset, except on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays, is closed from 8:00am until noon.

Plantation Woods is a very friendly place, it has two playgrounds and a splash pad.  The splash pad consists of a row of rings that squirt water at you as your run through them. There are tiny holes in the ground that spurt out water up into the air for someone to go right through. Water shoes are recommended for the splash pad on hot days. There is also a miniature playground right by the splash pad. It has the top of a tree with indents in the top to make it look like leaves. There is a small set of stairs that lead up to a platform, then you have a choice to go down two slides.  

The playground  has pavilions and seating areas so parents can sit down and watch their kids have a fun time. This park is a lovely family friendly park filled with beautiful art and playgrounds. The park will bring a smile to anyone's face as soon as they walk through the front gate. The parents get to relax and sit down for a while, while the kids play on the various options of playgrounds. 


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