Florence C. Hardy Park


If you're looking to relax in a comfortable place around Fort Lauderdale while your kids lose themselves in fun and games, you will want to check out the Florence C. Hardy Park located at 25 S.W. 9th Street. The park is designed to cater to people of different age groups, with facilities both for children of different age groups and for adults as well. The park occupies an extensive 7.8 acres and boasts a large open play area, tennis courts, an athletic field and lawn bowling facilities.

Gator Run Park


Gator Run Park is one of the most popular children’s parks in Weston. It is located in a Park Road, on a 7 acre land. It is full of recreation possibilities, starting from the playground to the picnic shelters.  The park is near the Gator Run Elementary School. This means that it perfectly serves the leisure interests of these pupils. Additionally, the playground is shaded, which means that the children can safely play without getting any sunburns. This gives the parents an opportunity to sit and relax.

Eureka Park


Located in Miami, Florida, Eureka Park is an open park that is historically rich considering it was developed during the early 1920’s and 30’s from a simple recreational ground to the beauty it is today. Due to its strategic position, many of its nearby residents and visitors who come visiting use the park for various activities. As such, it would be hard to miss schoolchildren,

walking groups, and dog walkers among many other individuals, groups, families, and couples in the park.

Emerald Estates Park


At the Emerald Estates Park, located in the southern part of Weston, South Florida, families can enjoy a fun time participating in an array of relaxing activities that are at their disposal.

Dyer Park


Dyer Park in West Palm Beach is regarded as one of the top 5 Palm Beach County places that tourists and locals love to visit. Dyer Park (Haverhill Road, West Palm Beach, FL) is located very close to Military Trail and Blue Heron. This park is one of the best places for running, biking or playing soccer. The less adventurous use this park for their daily morning walks or a casual stroll in the afternoon. Originally the park area was used as a dump and was turned into this beautiful park; so there are many small hills all around. 

Dottie Mancini Park


The Dottie Mancini Park in Fort Lauderdale, FL is a popular outdoor recreation area for the city's residents. Located on 6520 NE 22 Avenue, this beautiful 1.2 acre park is open 13 hours a day from 8 am to 9 pm at night. 

Jaco Pastorius Park and Community Center


Jaco Pistorius Park in Oakland Park, Florida, takes it's name in remembrance of one of the all-time greats of jazz and base guitar. 

The location is not a park as you would normally picture a park, but rather an open field where all the hip and happening events in the area take shape. Many people travel far and wide to attend these events at the well-known park.

Fig Tree Park


Fig Tree Park is located in the town of Plantation. It is beautifully set on the edge of the canal, making for pleasant scenery. The large amount of green space provides many options for activities. For the athletes in your family, they will enjoy getting full use out of the basketball courts and baseball fields. For the more casual gamers there is plenty of open space to toss around a football, kick around a soccer ball, play some frisbee or even fly a kite. The play area is relatively new since it had to be rebuilt after Hurricane Wilma.

Franklin Park


Located in Fort Lauderdale, Franklin Park is a community park that offers numerous programs and facilities to help residents and visitors. The 6,000 square foot community center offers after school and summer programs, it focuses on providing fun and educational opportunities to all ages.