Downtown Coral Springs

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  • location_on Downtown Coral Springs
    9400 W. Sample Road
    Coral Springs FL 33065
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Downtown Coral Springs

Downtown Coral Springs is a venue next to city hall that holds many different events throughout the year. There are many events that go on there such as the Green Market, Bizart and the Family Fun Day and Car show. It is also going to be more expansive in the coming months and years. There are plans for further development that includes a hotel for businesses and a movie theater.This is to further improve the capabilities of the venue and to bring in more people.

The events are really fun depending on the type of person and what you enjoy doing. The green market event is an event geared towards local farmers who want to sell their food. It's great to help local farms like these because they have fresh food that is grown well. It' s also really a great idea if you like to know where your food is coming from and who is growing it. Meeting the person who grows your food is a pretty amazing experience that many people may not be used to.

The Family Fun Day and Car Show is another awesome event that is held at this location. This is mainly geared towards car enthusiasts but it's also pretty interesting to anyone who has any interest in cars. The shows can vary as sometimes cars are show cased that are new and top performing in today's market. Other times cars that have been around for fifty or one hundred years are on display. There are also lots of other things that going on during these events like live entertainment shows, bounce houses and carnival games.

The Downtown Coral Springs venue has a wide variety of events that go on through the year. It's a fun place to bring the kids or if your looking to get out of the house this is a great place to go also. Check out what is going on during certain days and try to squeeze some time in to go check it out. Also be prepared for the expansion that is going to be happening through out the year because soon there will be a movie theater, a hotel and a few other things that may change the look.