Preservation Park


Preservation Park in Royal Palm Beach, Florida is a 65-acre recreational facility that offers a wide range of activities for families. This 33,000 sq. ft. recreation center comes with a gym that is perfect for people who want to stay active, fit, and healthy.

The play area or playground located at the heart of the complex is made just right for kids. It is fabricated with non-corrosive and non-abrasive materials that ensure safety for them. The area is also located far from thoroughfares, reducing the chance of accidents. The David F. Recchio Skate Arena is great for people of all ages. The facility has a skating equipment rental area, making it possible for people who do not have proper gear to still enjoy the amenity.

The Katz Soccer area, the four outdoor basketball courts, the 2 roller hockey rinks, and the 4 lighted soccer fields within the Preservation Park are great for those who are into competitive sports. The facilities are designed with pertinent architectural guidelines, making them perfect for those who want to practice or exercise for their favorite sports.
Fitness and health conscious parents and teenagers may also benefit from the park’s weight room. The weight room is complete with barbells and dumbbells with interchangeable plates. There are also different weight training equipment that cater to different muscle groups and weight training routines.

Lastly, the park also includes seven multi-purpose rooms that are fit for different activities. These rooms could be rented out for small parties, activities, and gatherings. Table settings or stools could be set up in the rooms for formal parties. These rooms could also be left bare with a sound system so that people could use them for dance parties and such.
Those who are looking into renting any of the multipurpose rooms or who intend to post inquiries regarding the recreational center would just need to get in touch with the administration of the complex at 100 Sweet Bay Lane, Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411. Others may also opt to contact them via phone at (561) 790 5100.