Pippin Park


Pippin Park


Royal Palm Beach is a small and intimate village located in the Palm Beach county of Florida. To ensure quality of life for their residents through enriching their physical development, meeting personal needs as well as teaching them life skills, the village has set a standard of 10 acres of park lands for every 1,000 residents.

Each of these parks is designed to be functional with lots of open spaces for families to enjoy. These parks serve the needs of the community living in that specific area. Pippin Park in Royal Palm Beach is a perfect example of the high standards set that tends to serve both the present and future requirements of the community at large.

Pippen Park is a small neighborhood park situated in Pippin Lane within Royal Palm Beach. The park is built on 1.9 acres of land, allowing it to be an intimate playground for residents to enjoy together. Its size should not be an indicator of all it has to offer, as it has much on the cards for the entire family to enjoy.


Hosting a sand volleyball court provides endless fun for older family members while at the same time promoting physical activity to keep healthy. Friendly volleyball tournaments can be enjoyed by the residents, as a little competition now and again is good for the soul!

Tot Lot

The park also has a tot lot built specifically for the recreational purposes of toddlers. Why not sit back, relax and enjoy a chat with the neighbors or catch up on some reading, knowing that your child is engaging and exploring what Pippin Park’s tot lot has on offer. Their gross and fine motor skills may be developed while climbing up stairs or sliding down slides specifically built for smaller children to enjoy.

Picnic Pavilion

A pavilion is the perfect place for families and even visitors to enjoy year round picnic or even throw a birthday party for all to have a little bit of fun. The pavilion is covered to ensure that even if it rains, the partying will continue!

A Fishing Dock

What better way for a father and son to bond than over catching some fish. Offering a fishing dock, Pippin Park ensures that every member of the family has something to enjoy. Fishing enthusiasts may spend the day trying to catch some fish which may or may not be enjoyed over some coals later in the evening.

Both locals and visitors alike may make use of this great park to enjoy the outdoors as a family. Pippin Park may be smaller, but it doesn’t lack in keeping all folks (young and old) busy and entertained.

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