Bobbie Jo Lauter Park


Bobbie Jo Lauter Park is not as big as the others but has plenty to offer for everyone: Adults, youths and kids. If you are new to the area, the 2.2 acre park is located at 179 Sandpiper Avenue, Royal Palm Beach, FL in Palm Beach County. It’s a great place to spend time with your kids by engaging in fun activities.

The park features two pavilions with benches where visitors can relax, picnic or even host birthday parties. The park has several benches where adults can sit and relax while watching kids having fun. The play field is well kept and beautiful which makes it even more attractive. Kids usually have fun playing ball games and other activities.

The Playscape is well designed to provide an amazing natural look which helps visitors, especially kids, increase their level of physical activity and help them develop mentally and physically. The playscape is a great way to help people familiarize themselves with nature while still having plenty of fun. It also allows kids to be highly creative and use their imaginations.

The park also offers tight security to its visitors. The park has a well defined walking path which makes it easier to find your way throughout the park. You can just take a walk and view the amazing nature the park has to offer.  Bobbie Jo Lauter Park in Royal Palm Beach is a great place for the whole family because it has plenty in store for everyone. Its also a good place to relax after work or hang-out with friends.