Cabana Colony Park


The Cabana Colony Park is a family friendly park located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The park which sits on a 1.64 acre piece of land is a one stop place for the entire family thanks to its wide range of activities and attractions. When visiting this park, you can decide to let your children play in the playground. The good thing about these playgrounds is the fact that they have play structures perfectly fitted with safety amenities for children aged between 2-12 years. Also, routine basic inspections are carried out by a certified playground safety inspector who ensures that no hazardous elements are present on the playgrounds. 

For the adults, you can decide to indulge yourself in the exercise stations. There are 3 different stations in total and they come with 10 different exercises. This is the perfect place where you can take your time to tone up those muscles. Love basketball?  There are 2 basketball courts namely the half court and the junior court. The open green spaces are a perfect place to lie on the grass while you play around with your kids as you enjoy the warm sunshine. These spaces however don’t permit any group training exercises or any type of league games. The green spaces have been specifically designed for pure relaxation. 

Picnic areas, kept in good shape by the county government, are also available at this park. The picnic areas are fitted with grills and come with a single table which should accommodate your entire family. 

Hours: Sunrise- Sunset