Gulfstream Park


Gulfstream Park is located on A1A near the border of Delray Beach and Boynton Beach.   The playground equipment was recently updated and the sand surface was replaced.  The new equipment is marked for ages 5-12. Children under the recommended age need to be closely supervised.   The playground is within a close walk of the picnic areas and the beach access.  Restrooms and showers are also conveniently located.  The beach is guarded.   This is a great location for a family outing, parties, and a popular spot for photos. This park is a natives' paradise all year, but beware that during the "snowbird" season (when our cold weather friends flock to Florida to escape the frigid north) that if you don't arrive at the park by 8am you will have NO parking! Pavilions are on a first come first serve basis so if you want a large picnic area, make sure you arrive when the sun does in the morning. Special Note: Pets are not allowed on the beach at this location. There are some beach kitties that live in the sea grapes. Steer clear, they are feral. ACREAGE: 6.83 acres FACILITIES beach frontage, guarded, (600 feet) saltwater fishing and surfing not permitted in guarded swimming areas, parking, picnic areas with grills, single table playground, including play structure (ages 2-12 years) restroom facilities, and showers. For beach conditions, call  (561) 276-3990.