Top 5 Things to Do Cruising to Jamaica


There's certainly plenty of fun to be had while on a cruise ship to Jamaica and other exotic ports of call. Whether it's fine-tuning your tan, lounging in the pool, or entertaining your kids, it's quite easy to pass the time. What's the main point of a cruise though? To see new places and get off that big boat. Jamaica is one of the most sought-after cruise destinations in the world. Its lush landscape, wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, and friendly folks make it a no-brainer as a headlining destination for cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney Cruise line, and more. If you are embarking on an upcoming cruise to Jamaica, we'll try to ensure you make the most out of your stop, because as you know, you don't exactly have a ton of time to enjoy all the sites while sailing from port to
port. What are some must-see spots for cruisers with Jamaica on the itinerary? Let's have a look at five of the top Jamaica attractions for those stopping in Falmouth, Ocho Rios, or Montego Bay, in no particular order.

Dunn's River Falls - Ocho Rios

Some call Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios Jamaica's top attraction, and with good reason. Simply put, the world famous falls are "a living and growing phenomenon" that are beautiful! Even better, they offer a bit of everything for everyone who's lucky enough to visit them. There's the whole romantic aspect for couples seeking a gorgeous backdrop to enjoy one another's company (they even have a wedding area), plenty of adventure for thrill-seekers, and tons of fun for the kiddos too. Dunn's River Falls drop crystal clear water 600 feet. While viewing them from below may be daunting, you can climb all the way up to the top (and get extremely wet in the process). You can do the climb alone if you're brave enough, or you can do so with the help of guides and fellow travelers in a human chain who will tell stories about the falls' history as you ascend the steps. Beyond the falls themselves, other attractions worth noting include the beach, souvenirs at the craft park, food like jerk chicken at the cafeteria or barbecue you can cook yourself, plus donkey rides.

River Tubing Safari - Ocho Rios

Want to relax? Want to get your adrenaline pumping? Want to share an unforgettable experience with your family? Want to do all three? If so, then the river tubing safari in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, is right up your alley. The wet and sometimes wild excursion begins at the 17th century's Spanish Bridge. From there you'll float past coconut plantations, and a plethora of breathtaking scenery like only Mother Nature can provide. While a majority of the three-mile trip is calm, don't fall asleep, as the rapids will undoubtedly make you stand (or sit, in this case) at attention. You'll feel really in tune with nature during this tubing trip down the White River, and besides relaxing or holding on for dear life to an inner tube, you can also swim or even swing and jump off a rope into lush waters.

Extreme Zipline Adventure - Montego Bay

Have you ever wondered what it's like to fly like a bird? If so, there's no need to wonder anymore. No, you won't actually fly here, but at Montego Bay's Extreme Zipline Adventure, you will glide through the Jamaican jungle and feel free as a bird while doing so. Kids and adults alike will love this new experience that spans hundreds of feet across a lush lagoon. How fast will you go? About 35 miles per hour, but don't worry; it's perfectly safe. Once your heart stops racing from the rush of the zipline, you can bring it back to normal via a relaxing nature walk. Since you're smack-dab in the middle of a rainforest, you'll be sure to see plenty of flora and fauna with every step you take.

Charles Swaby's Swamp Safari - Falmouth

Any cruise stop in Falmouth, Jamaica, deserves a stop at the Falmouth Swamp Safari (aka Falmouth Crocodile Farm). Charles Swaby runs this two-acre exhibit that stretches across the Trelawny mangroves and features over 80 of Jamaica's own crocodiles. You'll catch glimpses of slithery snakes, enormous iguanas, incredible owls, and more as you tour the zoo, and if traveling with kids, there'll be plenty of opportunities for memorable pictures along the way. As an interesting side note, the Falmouth Swamp Safari was featured in Live and Let Die, the James Bond film from 1973. In the famous scene, Bond, played by Roger Moore, escapes trouble by running across the backs of crocs. If you haven’t seen it, look it up on YouTube, then visit the real deal in Falmouth so you can brag to your friends that, “I’ve been there.”

Dolphin Swim and Doctor's Cave Beach - Montego Bay

Cruising with your kids? Cruising with your partner? Cruising with your friends? Cruising by yourself? Regardless of whom you're cruising with, if Montego Bay is on your itinerary, be sure to check out Dolphin Cove and Doctor's Cave Beach. You can swim, dance, and even sing with Montego Bay's mesmerizing dolphins, and once they wear you out, you can wind down at Doctor's Cave Beach. How beautiful is this beach? So beautiful, many say that its white sand and wowing waters have the power to cure people. Does this short article cover everything that Ocho Rios, Falmouth, and Montego Bay have to offer? Of course not, as those Jamaican paradises are filled with much more to make any traveler want to stay beyond a day. Keep checking back with us for more on Jamaica, cruises, and other travel tips in the future. And if you're a South Florida resident or soon-to-be visitor, scour our site for plenty of "South Florida finds" to keep you and your loved ones entertained.