5 Tips for Delray Beach's Halloween on the Ave


Get details about this year's festivities here.

1. Arrive early. We've attended this for almost 10 years and we seem to see more and more people every year. Arriving earlier ensures your battle with the other trick-o-treaters won't be so bad.  You are sharing the avenue with the regular restaurant patrons so please remember to be polite.

2. No Strollers. With so much foot traffic going in and out of stores, try not to bring your stroller. You're probably thinking it will be easier in case your child falls asleep or gets tired, but trust me, you'll thank me when you are there and you see a mom waiting for the masses to give her enough room to manuever into the store so her child can retrieve their candy.  If the child tires then take that as a sign to end the day or take a lunch break.

3. Dress Carefully. Even in October it rarely ever feels wintery even with a "cold" front. This is still South Florida. It may be tempting to dress your kid(s) in the all black scary or cool costume or heavy headgear, but it will definitely come off when the sunshine hits at high noon. (This could mean you end up carrying it!)  Also prepare for RAIN as it almost always rains on Halloween.

4. Parking.  Great parking can be found behind the Dunkin Donuts and head east, in the parking garage behind Old school Square or at City Hall.  We arrived a little bit late last year, but were still able to find parking at the intersection of Atlantic Avenue and Swinton. There are a couple of hidden parking spaces across from the tennis courts and best of all, they are free.   If they are full, try parking just off the avenue across the intracoastal. Be carefull crossing the street at Swinton.  The drivers do some crazy things on that corner.

5. Be patient. There will be a lot of people going from one store to the next. Some stores will run out of candy and some will be full of people (like Kilwins). Whatever the case is, be ready to wait your turn. Enjoy.  Attitude is everything!