Egg Hunts & Spring Fun in Broward 2015



Pastel colors, shiny eggs, fluffy bunnies and so much more herald in the start of Spring in South Florida.  Season changes are not nearly as dramatic in Florida as they are up in the frigid north.  Sometimes the best way to tell that the season has changed is by the events that frame the start of Spring.  In addition to the change in season, Springtime is a period when the kids, who have been waiting for a break since December, are eager to get a week off of school.  Some children will be facing tricky standardized tests when they return from break and will definitely appreciate the reprieve from all the test prep at school.  

Spring festivals and Egg Hunts are an exciting and fun way to celebrate with family.  Below we've collected a bunch of wonderful happenings for you to indulge in this Spring.  Almost all of the events are Easter weekend. 

Don't forget the camera so you can freeze these memories in time.  Pretty soon you'll blink and find the kids are too cool for Easter Bunnies, colorful baskets, and dashing about for eggs!


March 29th Event

April 2nd thru 4th Events