South Florida Winter Break Activities for Kids

So the holiday season is in full gear and winter break is fast approaching. With seasonal 

preparations, Christmas shopping, and obligatory party-attending all eating a hole in your 

schedule, the last thing you need is the added stress of bored children running under foot 

- or, worse still - bemoaning their boredom from the comfort of the nearest couch. To 

help alleviate some of this stress, we've come up with some fun winter break activities 

your children can enjoy. Who knows, you may even be able to squeeze in a little "mom" 

time to boot!

Winter Break Camps

Winter Break Camps in South Florida

When most parents think of camp, the first thing that springs to mind is summer camp, 

or, for the musically inclined, band camp. While not as well-known, winter break camps 

are a great way to keep your children occupied and socialized during the busy holiday 

Typical winter camp activities include:

• Sports activities: team sports (football, baseball, soccer, and so forth), dance, 

yoga, and even self-defense courses like Karate and Krav Maga.

• Arts and crafts

• Academic and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum

• Social and structure play time

• Entertainment: singing, movie watching, musical lessons, and plays

In addition to the above, many winter camps also focus on child safety topics, including 

fire and stranger awareness.

You can find more information by visiting Winter Break Camps in South Florida.

Winter Break Zoo, Museum, and Aquarium Activties

While you would not usually associate your local zoo or museum with "winter" - 

especially here in sunny South Florida - these types of facilities offer a great opportunity 

for children to expand their minds, explore the world, and build basic question/answer 

skills essential to early childhood brain development.

For residents of Miami, Camp Seaquarium offers two great camp programs that include 

marine mammal shows, interaction with sea life, interactive games, and arts & crafts 

activities. Children also receive some great souvenirs to help remember their experience 

and share with friends. The price is relatively cheap (discount available for annual pass 

holders) and includes daily lunch and snacks.

For information, you can visit or call 305-361-5705 ext 526.

Miami Zoo also features several "winter break sessions" for children, focusing on themes 

such as "Animal Families", "Cats", and "Munching Away", where they will learn about 

engaging topics like animal births, the different large cat species (lions, tigers, and other 

breeds), and the eating habits of animals.

To learn more, check out or dial 305-255-5551.

If you live in Boca or Palm Beach County, the Children's Science Explorium has a bevy 

of fun and educational activities for kids grades 1-5. Centered around science exploration 

and discovery, the Winter Break Blast is affordable for budget-conscious parents at $25 

per day and will keep your child busy with science-based experiments and games from 

9am to 1pm during the last week of December through January 2nd.

You can learn all about the Children's Science Explorium by visiting: http://

Artistic children or youngsters with a flair for the arts will be delighted to attend the 

Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale's Winter Break Camp. The program offers a variety 

of artistic classes, including painting/drawing, sculpting, computer graphics, and ceramic 

work, to name but a few.

More information can be found at: