Romance in Palm Beach


Romantic Places to Visit in Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Florida is known for its posh shopping and high-end restaurants, making it one of the best places in South Florida to pamper that special some one in your life. Whether you are looking to spend a romantic weekend with your loved one or just have a quick daytrip filled with romance, you could do much worse than choosing Palm Beach to aim your Cupid’s arrow. We put together a list of some romantic places to visit in Palm Beach to cut out some of your leg work. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it is a good place to start. All of the places here are romantic spots, regardless of if you are from out of town or a seasoned South Floridian.

Romantic Date Night in Palm Beach: Henry Flagler Museum

Museums are not necessarily the first place you think of when you hear the word romance, but that is probably because you have never been to Henry Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida. Completed in 1902, the grand architecture of Whitehall – Henry Flagler’s “Gilded Age Estate” – was once heralded as being “more wonderful than any palace in Europe, grander and more magnificent than any other private dwelling in the world.” Voted 2021’s “Best of Palm Beach County”, Whitehall is a monument to one of Florida’s oldest statesmen – Henry Flagler – who was crucial for Florida’s early economic development and growth. Entire books have been written about Henry Flagler and his contribution, so we will not delve too deep into the creator of Whitehall; just know that his estate is quite the thing to behold! Whitehall itself is a National Historic Landmark and is open to the public for self-guided tours, a host of
ever-changing exhibits of Florida’s early history and art – and a number of special programs throughout the year. In addition to the tour of the beautiful mansion and exterior, visitors can buy a souvenir to mark their romantic occasion from the Flagler Museum gift shop. Of course, a romantic day is never complete with a little something to warm the stomach, so be sure to stop into Café des Beaux-Arts and enjoy their Gilded-Age Tea Service, where you can experience what it was like to be entertained in the early 20th century. Amazing views of the surrounding Lake Worth and West Palm Beach skyline add another level to the romance factor.

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Romantic Dinner in Palm Beach: Ta-boo Restaurant

Ta-boo restaurant

Dinner is always on the menu when it comes to romance and Palm Beach has plenty to offer in terms of fine dining and romantic restaurants. Ta-boo fits just such a bill. Located on Worth Avenue, Ta-boo proclaims itself to be “Palm Beach’s Legendary Bistro and Bar”. Ta-boo exudes romance right from the start, with its cute entrance off of the famous Worth Avenue, framed with a bevvy of beautiful blooming flowers. The inside is elegant, with arched walls, white linen tablecloths, and subtle lighting that is neither too soft nor too harsh. The restaurant has a rich history, getting its start in 1941. It has hosted many rich and famous patrons, including John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and even the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. More recent guests include best selling author James Patterson and crooner Rod Stewart! Of course, celebrities aside, the main star of Ta-boo is its menu. Start off the romance with The Nosh (a platter of hummus, Feta, olives, and parmesan flat bread) before moving onto a main course salad. Main dishes include more down-to-Earth faire like the Ta-boo Bacon Cheese Burger to fancier affairs, including a Charbroiled Petite Filet Mignon or Lemon Sole Francaise. Romance does not always need to occur at night keep in mind, so if you want, you can also enjoy a nice lunch or, better yet, a Sunday brunch, which Ta-boo hosts every Sunday from 12pm to 3pm.

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The Society of The Four Arts in South Florida

Romance starts in the mind and The Society of the Four Arts has many ways to stimulate your loved one’s mind. If you and your sweetheart enjoy the fine arts, The Four Arts has plenty to offer. In addition to the Society’s many concerts and performances, the place also hosts lectures, educational events, book discussions, and a plethora of exhibits. Aside from their entertainment offerings, the Society of the Four Arts also has a few gardens to stroll through: sitting in the middle of the Four Arts Campus is the Philip Hulitar Sculpture Garden and the Four Arts Botanical Garden – the perfect spots to whisper sweet nothings into your honey’s ears while enjoying the unique sculpture and floral paths on display. Finally, the campus has two libraries they host in a serene space – the King Library that houses 75,000 books, audiobooks, DVDs, and periodicals - and the whimsical Children’s Library. The Children’s Library is a great option for parents that want to entertain their little ones with story time activities and other programs. Some of the featured programs and events the Society of The Four Arts showcase include Music of the Romantic Period (Juliette de Marcellus), “Charlie Chaplin’s Smile” (violin and piano), and The Magic Flute (on screen and hosted by The Met).

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