Planning your South Florida Outdoor Party

For children birthdays are a big day, getting to be the star of the show, with family and friends. No better way to do that than a birthday party. In South Florida we are lucky to be sunny and temperate all year long. We are not known as the Sunshine State for nothing!  Up north, January kids have to have parties indoors, but here our "winter" kids get to enjoy the outdoors as much as (if not better than) our summer-born kiddos.  There are many ways to plan your child’s birthday outdoors. The places and ideas are endless.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Party Theme

With the vast differences in children’s interests you may feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Just about any idea for a party can be applied to an outdoor setting. Popular themes include superheroes, carnivals, trucks/cars, Barbie, Princess, trains, sports, Star Wars, jungle, Hawaiian, dragon, dinosaurs, Tinkerbell, Army, even your child’s favorite cartoon or movie can be a theme for their party. Decorations such as streamers, balloons, table cloths, and piñata’s can be found to fit in with all these themes and help make an outdoor area feel really festive.

 For superheroes, Star Wars, Army, and princess birthdays costumes and masks would make the party that much more fun and can be found at your local party store, dollar store or Wal-Mart. Activities can range depending on age, ability and interest: bounce houses, old fashioned lawn games, face painting, goody bags, music, piñata’s, and themed crafts always make things interesting. During hot days don’t underestimate the fun of a water birthday with squirt guns, water balloons, pools, waterparks or sprinklers. The kids will have a blast and stay cool all at the same time.

For added fun, consider hiring a special attraction entertainer based on the theme. Clowns are great at circus themed birthdays. Balloon animals get kids excited during an animal-theme party along with caricature artists.  In south Florida there's every entertainer imaginable!

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Heat Humidity or Rain: Have a Plan B

In south Florida the biggest problem you will face is the heat and humidity, especially if you’re not accustomed to it yet. As always the most important part of getting through the day is making sure all the kids and parents stay hydrated. Keep a lot of drinks nearby. Encourage everyone to drink water, not just sodas and sugary drinks. The more active they are the more they need. Try splitting time between being inside and outside, but if your child’s party is solely outside try to reserve a covered or shaded area, especially for younger children. Here's a list of great parks that have pavillions.  

Too much sun exposure is not the best for them. Loose cotton clothes are recommended along with hats and plenty of sunscreen. If you can, try planning the party in the early morning, or more towards the evening, when the temperatures are not at their highest.  A great idea is reserving a pavillion at a pool or water park.  Even though the kids are having a blast and may not feel hot you would still need to make sure they are properly protected from the sun and dehydration.

Always keep in mind a Plan B location nearby.  Even if you are not booking a party package with them, you can still show up and just purchase activities ala carte or last minute! A great example is Boomers in the Greater Ft. Lauderdale area. Attractions include miniature golf, go karts, bumper boats each equipped with their own water cannon, bowling, laser tag, batting cages, a rock wall, the family ride park, and of course an arcade. With different birthday packages you can adjust prices to suit your budget. The packages are all listed on the site, There is basic, deluxe, and ultimate. Ranging in price from $12.99 to $22.99 with a minimum of eight guests. You can purchase extra points. For guests six and up they can create their own tie-dye shirt. You can book online  and even inform guests at the last minute via email, text or phone.

Page 3: Specialty Birthday Party Ideas for the Outdoors

Great Outdoor Party locations in South Florida


Would your child like to see exotic animals up close and personal? Then plan their next party at Lion Country Safari. Located in Palm Beach County, this African Safari will make the kids smile a mile wide. The Safari Celebration Party Package which includes ten guests (ages 3 and up) is $325.00. Additional guests (ages three and up) are $21.00 per person. The package includes admission to both the Drive-thru safari along with the walk-thru safari, complimentary parking for all party guests, Pizza, chips, and a drink with unlimited fountain refills, themed safari plates and napkins, printable safari invitations, set up and clean-up of party, and one return ticket for all paid children. For the child celebrating the birthday, a complimentary Lion Country Safari t-shirt, and a plush toy. 

If your child is interested in the animals of the sea then the Miami Seaquarium is also a wonderful place to check out. Party with Lolita the killer whale, Salty the sea lion, and Flipper, the T.V star, along with all of the other marine animals. With two party options there is tons of fun to be had. The Regular package, which includes up to fifteen guests, a party area with decorations, kid friendly lunch, personalized cake, and character visit. The package starts at $525.00 and $35.00 for each additional guest. There is also the Slumber Party Birthday package with a fifteen person minimum. For every fifteen people admitted one person will be admitted free. The package includes a flashlight hike around the park, a pizza party dinner, games, art projects, and next day park admission. Costing only $60.00 per person. There are also party add-ons such as a bouncy house, goody bag for each child, animal encounters, Shark’s Sky Trail Experience. You can make reservations at or by phone. 

Kids would love Zoo Miami, getting to see the animals and walk through the park. Designed for kids of all ages. Requiring a minimum of twenty guests and a maximum of ninety. Pricing is as follows $575.00 for up to twenty guests. For each additional adult (ages 13 and up) $27.00 Child (ages 3-12) $21.00 Child (ages 2 and younger) $10.00. The package includes admission for each guest, complimentary parking, food, drinks, along with a two hour private location with host, zoo themed cupcakes, zoo themed decorated location, for the five carousel tokens, and an animal themed baseball cap for each child. Additional items include air conditioned pavilions, face painting, piñata, camel ride, giraffe feeding, parrot feeding twenty minute animal encounter, and much more. With a wide range of animals big to small, amphibian to mammal, the kids will have the time of their lives. 

Water parks, aquatic centers, and pools are also a fun way to celebrate a birthday and keep cool. For smaller party’s they are ideal. The kids get to play in the water and have a great time.  Central Broward Regional Park Aquatic Center waterpark, C.B. Smith, Cypress park pool, Plantation park pool, all located in Broward county are fun places to take a break from the heat. In Miami Dade County, Bucky Dent Aquatic Center, Flamingo Park Aquatic Center, McDonald Aquatic Center, and Milander Aquatic center are a few suggested spots to take the kids for some water fun.  There are many many more across the South Florida Finds website.  Go to the Parks section and find your perfect spot!

The sunshine state is a great place to celebrate your child’s birthday, whether you’re doing it at home, renting out space at a park or zoo even if you’re just going to a local pool. Possibilities in south Florida are endless but never set your sights on one thing. Make sure to always have a plan B in case the place your trying to reserve can’t meet your expectations, won’t hold the amount of guests you have, won’t allow your age group or just is just simply booked for the day you needed it. 

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