Planning your South Florida Outdoor Party


For children birthdays are a big day, getting to be the star of the show, with family and friends. No better way to do that than a birthday party. In South Florida we are lucky to be sunny and temperate all year long. We are not known as the Sunshine State for nothing!  Up north, January kids have to have parties indoors, but here our "winter" kids get to enjoy the outdoors as much as (if not better than) our summer-born kiddos.  There are many ways to plan your child’s birthday outdoors. The places and ideas are endless.

Finding the Perfect Outdoor Party Theme

With the vast differences in children’s interests you may feel overwhelmed by all the possibilities. Just about any idea for a party can be applied to an outdoor setting. Popular themes include superheroes, carnivals, trucks/cars, Barbie, Princess, trains, sports, Star Wars, jungle, Hawaiian, dragon, dinosaurs, Tinkerbell, Army, even your child’s favorite cartoon or movie can be a theme for their party. Decorations such as streamers, balloons, table cloths, and piñata’s can be found to fit in with all these themes and help make an outdoor area feel really festive.

 For superheroes, Star Wars, Army, and princess birthdays costumes and masks would make the party that much more fun and can be found at your local party store, dollar store or Wal-Mart. Activities can range depending on age, ability and interest: bounce houses, old fashioned lawn games, face painting, goody bags, music, piñata’s, and themed crafts always make things interesting. During hot days don’t underestimate the fun of a water birthday with squirt guns, water balloons, pools, waterparks or sprinklers. The kids will have a blast and stay cool all at the same time.

For added fun, consider hiring a special attraction entertainer based on the theme. Clowns are great at circus themed birthdays. Balloon animals get kids excited during an animal-theme party along with caricature artists.  In south Florida there's every entertainer imaginable!

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