How to Keep Your Children Occupied During a Hurricane


Hurricane season can be a trying time for families and children. Even if a storm never touches land in your area, the idea alone can cause a great deal of stress in a young mind. If a tropical storm or hurricane actually makes landfall, the best thing you can do is keep your child preoccupied until the storm passes. In this article, we will look at some ways you can keep your child entertained - and stress free - in the event of severe weather.

Keeping Kids Busy During Hurricanes

Kids Busy with Crafts

If you did your homework and have created a hurricane preparedness plan and kit (see more about creating a kid-friendly hurricane package), then you are well on your way to making sure your children suffer as little stress as possible during any tropical storm. Aside from making your child feel secure in the knowledge that you are well-prepared, your kit will have some entertainment items and a few "creature comforts" you can use to keep the young ones preoccupied until the inclement weather passes. If you followed our guide mentioned above or have found one online, then you most likely have the basics: plenty of pens, pencils, paper, crayons, and coloring/activity books. These simple tools can keep your children busy with little interaction on your behalf. However, to keep them interested, we suggest joining in on the activities when possible and help them color and draw. Another great way to keep the art interesting is to give them suggestions on things to draw. Remember to keep it simple and offer plenty of praise. Along the same lines as creating "art", you could also have your children tackle some simple craft projects. Creating friendship bracelets or making a magazine mosaic from old magazines is a great distraction and kids can partake in both with everyday items you probably have lying around your home.