Hot Spots for Romance in Miami


Romantic Places in Miami Beach, Florida

Romance does not just happen on anniversaries and Valentine’s Day – whether you make it a part of a holiday, a planned date night, a long weekend getaway, or just a spur of the moment thing, Miami is host to so many romantic opportunities that it is hard to just pick a few to highlight. Maybe it is the heat or the relaxed vibe, but one thing is for certain: when it comes to romantic things to do in South Florida, it is hard to beat Miami. With that sentiment in mind (and this article is all about sentimentality), we put our heads to the grindstone and pinned our hearts to our sleeves to bring you what we think are some romantic attractions and romantic places in Miami that will make your sweetheart swoon.

Hot Air Balloon Rides in Miami

When you think of Miami, you probably picture a shirtless Will Smith, pulsing Latin or Caribbean music, and decadent night clubs. While Miami certainly has all of that (yes, even Will Smith, though now with more sensible attire), the city also has a beautiful cityscape, lush landscapes courtesy of the Everglades, and a world-renowned beach. It can be a bit much to try to take in all that Miami has to offer, but there is one romantic thing in Miami you can do to see the entire city in all of its glory: hot air balloon rides. There are several companies that offer air balloon ride in Miami-Dade County and each have their own perks. Whichever you choose, make sure you make the most out of it: check the weather forecast, bring a bottle of Champagne and some chocolate covered strawberries, and download some Otis Redding to play in the background. Your sweetheart will be swept off their feet – literally – in no time.

Spa Day in Miami

Palms Spa Miami

This one probably goes without saying, but we definitely cannot go without saying it: nothing is more romantic than a much need spa day. A nice facial, a couple’s massage, again, some nice adult beverages. Getting spa treatment and pampered while staying in Miami is a great way to start the day or a relaxing way to wind down at the end of a fun day. Miami is home to some of the best spas in the country, so you may need to do a little leg work. You cannot go wrong visiting The Palms Spa Aveda or the super quirky igloo spa at The Spa at Carillon Miami though. The Spa at Carillon Miami is somewhat of a high-tech spa, bringing together luxury skin-care and anti-aging technologies to make sure you feel extra pampered. Aside from traditional massages and facials, The Spa also has some unique offerings you won’t find elsewhere, such as their Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit – a whole host of thermal and igloo spa treatments – and a host of treatments inspired by “restorative rituals” around the globe. You can learn more about their different packages by visiting

The Palms Spa Aveda, meanwhile, is more of a traditional spa facility, though definitely not skimping on the Luxe. Despite the lavish treatment and copious spa options, the prices are surprisingly not bad. They offer everything from couples massages, Chakra balancing, and facials, to salon services and even treatments for the kids.

You can find a their spa menu on their website by visiting:

Dance Lessons in Miami

There are really only two things more intimate than dancing – one of them we can’t talk about here and the other is therapy – but when it comes to romance, dancing is where it is at. As mentioned, Miami is known for its nightlife and part of that is dancing. Sure, you could take your loved one out to a trendy club and rub shoulders with sweaty strangers while shouting over music that is so loud it gives you heart palpitations. Or you could take a private, one-on-one dance lesson. Salsa is big in Miami and you can choose to do as the locals do, or you could spread your wings a little and explore ballroom dancing. Disco is also a fun way to have a romantic moment and a great way to work up an appetite for your romantic dinner later in the evening. Salsa Mia ( and SALSA Central ( ) are two places you can go to if you want to learn salsa in Miami. Let’s Dance ( is a dance studio featuring many other types of dances as well.

Romantic Restaurants in Miami, Florida

Casa Tua Restaurant in Miami

Right up there with Chicago, New York, Charlotte, and New Orleans, Miami is known for its culinary delights. There are a ton of options to choose from when arranging for a romantic dinner – we could fill an entire website with them. For brevity’s sake though, we will only touch on a few here. First on our list is Casa Tua. This restaurant is styled after a Mediterranean villa and garden and is so homey, that even its name means: “Your home”. It features a Tuscan-themed menu with such delightful dishes as their Summerfield Lamb Chops on Celery Root Pure and their classic Mediterranean Branzino. Top it off with a nice selection of wine, the Chef’s Daily Cheese Selection, and their Italian Casa Tua Donuts.

Another great, eccentric but romantic pick is Juvia. Here, you can choose to be seated on the rooftop, providing views of South Beach and the surrounding area. The menu is a mix of French, Japanese, and Peruvian food with dishes like Hamachi Espuma and king crab risotto. They are also known for their specialty drinks, which are not only delicious, but certain to put you in a romantic mood.

Juvia Miami food

For the forward-thinking Don Juan, you would be hard pressed to beat La Mar by Gaston Acurlo – even the name sounds romantic. This is another fusion restaurant, blending Japanese and Peruvian dishes to create swoon-worthy plates. Ceviche is a no-brainer here, while their Chaufa Aeropuerto (Chinese sausage, roasted pork, quinoa, shrimp omelet, and pan friend rice) is an interesting, one-of-a-kind dish you will not likely find elsewhere. The best thing about this restaurant? It is located in the swanky, romantic, Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Convenient. See what I mean about forward-thinking?

Other Romantic Attractions in Miami-Dade County

Vizcaya in Miami
This article is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to romantic things to do in Miami, Florida. Sailing aboard a luxury yacht, holding hands on a stroll down Miami Riverwalk, a quick visit to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, or a relaxing morning at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden are all things to show that special someone how you feel about them all-year long.