Fishing with Kids in South Florida


With South Florida being surrounded by water, the fishing opportunities here are endless. Whether you prefer fishing from sea or by land, are an experienced fisher or a novice, South Florida has something special available for you and the whole family.

Preparing for your Fishing Trip

Before you plan your family fishing trip, make sure you have the proper Florida fishing licenses. Here in Florida, all residents and visitors (between the ages of 16 and 65) must obtain a fresh water and/or salt water fishing license before even attempting to catch any fish. For those under the age of 16 licensing is optional. Licenses are easy to acquire and relatively low cost. Some charter fishing boat tours even include a temporary fishing license as part of their package. Check out the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for more information.  Kids of all ages will love spending some quality family time learning how to fish.

Things to Keep in Mind for the Littlest Anglers

For the little beginners, remember to keep things lightweight and easy. An ultra light fishing rod and smaller hooks will help keep kids on top of things. Try not to have them use an adult sized rod, as it could be too large and heavy to handle. Keep kids involved by showing them the steps for preparing the line and teaching them proper fishing safety. A great first time bait to use are earthworms. Digging up your own worms before the trip can help bring an extra bit of fun to the day. Some fishing trip essentials to remember to bring include life vests, snacks and water, sunglasses, sunhats and sunscreen, and if you plan to keep the fish, a cooler with ice for transportation. Also consider bringing some extra goodies, like binoculars or a magnifying glass to help keep curious minds busy. Encourage your children to observe their surroundings and start a collection of some kind. This could be comprised of rocks or shells, or even drawings of all the different fish they see.

Locate Your Perfect Fishing Spot

South Florida is a mecca for fishing!  There are great fishing spots almost everywhere. Anywhere you see water, there is almost guaranteed to be fish. Each body of water has their own pros and cons. Find one that suits your families needs, or try them all!  

For an easy, close to home fishing experience, canal and lake fishing is a great place to start. If you’re lucky enough to have a canal near your house, you could try your hand at fishing there first. Many neighborhood parks such as John Prince Memorial Park in Lake Worth and Jaycee Park in Boynton Beach also offer fishing sites. Parks are great fishing locations for the family, because they also have an array of other attractions such as walking trails and play areas. They are also a great place to enjoy a family picnic after the fish have been caught. Some cons of fishing at parks however are the other animals that could be hiding in the lakes or canals there. Be on the look out for snakes, as well as alligators.

 If fishing from the beach is more your thing, try the Deerfield International Fishing Pier and Beach, where you can fish along the Atlantic surf or from their 976 foot pier. Surf fishing is great for catching smaller fish close to the coastline, and also offers the option of other fun beach activities, such as shell collecting and sandcastle building. If fishing off the shoreline however, be sure to watch out for jellyfish and other hazardous materials that may have washed up onto the beach. Pier fishing offers its own set of pros and cons too. They are great locations for catching bigger and more varied fish from deeper in the ocean, and because piers are usually popular fishing spots, you may also be able to learn some tricks of the trade from your fellow pier fishermen. The downside is that sometimes there may be too many of your fellow fishermen, resulting in a crowded pier and a lot of hooks flying around the place. They are also usually quite high up over the water, so help your kids take extra precaution near the edges.

For a more immersive and exciting fishing experience, you may want to try out a fishing charter boat. Consider Nomad Fishing Charters in Miami, they ensure the whole family will have a memorable ocean fishing experience. Charter boats come with a slew of experienced anglers, readily available to assist you and your family through the whole fishing process. Oftentimes they even provide a temporary fishing license for those who don’t yet have one. The main downside of fishing charter boats though is the cost. They can be a bit on the expensive side, especially if you plan to stay out for the whole day. Also those with sensitive stomachs may succumb to seasickness. However, the guarantee of having an amazing fishing trip with the whole family makes it a worthwhile experience. 


Whether you’re new to fishing, or have been an avid angler your whole life, South Florida has something fun for the whole family.  Check out our list of great places to fish here and here.