Discover Delray: 6 Spots for Families to Enjoy


Delray Beach recently made itself a name as "The Most Fun Small Town in America". Many of us were not surprised because, in Delray Beach, there is literally something for everyone. Delray offers a myriad of top-rated family attractions, entertainment, and kid-friendly activities. Delray Beach placed third as one of the "Top 10 Most Happiest Seaside Cities in America" and was voted “Best Weekend Destination” in 2015.  From extreme sports, arts, festivals, memorable cultural experiences for families, tempting scenic romantic spots for couples, to the variety of natural beauty to enjoy there is something for every family to enjoy.  The walkability, fantastic wide range of offerings, and proximity to the beach, make downtown Delray an "epic" place to take the kids. 

Here are some of the reasons we choose to visit Delray Beach...and often!

1. Morikami Japanese Museum & Gardens

Morikami can be summed up in one word: "Amazing". Morikami consists of beautiful Japanese inspired gardens, with scenic natural features, 2 museums, and a world-class restaurant. Located on the western side of Delray Beach, it has been the epicenter of Japanese arts and culture since 1977. There are two museums on the grounds: The first building is a model of a Japanese villa; the other recent and larger building has a large exhibition space, an excellent gift shop of Japanese products and a well-regarded Japanese restaurant.

On sunny days, families can walk through the botanical gardens, bonsai garden, and rock gardens.  Kids will enjoy feeding the koi fish at the small waterfall or traversing the manmade brook with picturesque bridges and Japanese lantern.  If the kids tire there are plenty of shady spots to repose and multiple water stations throughout the park to refresh with a chilled drink.

Rainy Day?  No worries. On rainy days, you can take your kids to visit the tea room and indoor exhibitions, theater, and run out to the Japanese model house when there is a break in the rain.  


**Highlights for the kids: Yamato-kan where children can make believe they are in Japan; sushi rolls (kids love them); lots of space to explore!**

2. Pineapple Grove & Atlantic Avenue

Pineapple Grove and the Atlantic Avenue strip feature restaurants, cafes, beauty salons, shops, entertainment, small art galleries and great merchandise that can satisfy even the pickiest shoppers. You won’t have any problems finding a delectable place to eat. The kids can grab a burger and a sweet treat and then head to the Old School Square playground to burn off all of that energy.  Enjoy people watching or window gazing while you taken in the main arteries of this quaint seaside town. If you play your cards just right you can enjoy free Friday Night concerts at the Pavilion or take in an art festival along the avenue.  Hidden away behind Johnny Brown's restaurant and just off Atlantic Avenue, the Silverball Museum is a recent addition to the Delray Beach scene. Come in to watch for free or pay by the hour to delight in vintage games and engage in some friendly family competition on the skeeball machines.

Free to stroll.

**Highlights for the kids: Linear playground with large open field, fun old school arcade, sweet shops like Kilwins & FREE CONCERTS**  

3. Sandoway House Nature Center

This 1936 seaside house is an excellent stop for families, with its seashell collection, turtle lake, and even more so its swimming pool shark tank. The areas surrounding Sandoway feature native plants and an outdoor observation area over the ocean. The nature center runs informative programming throughout the season so be sure to check their schedule. The Sandoway House is just the perfect size to explore with small children and the exhibits & novelty will intrigue older children. Be sure to take in the views of the ocean and linger in the butterfly garden.  Make a day of it by including a trip to the beach or a stroll to a nearby eatery.

Small fee plus pay to park.

**Highlights for the kids: SHARKS IN A POOL and the nearby beach**