Scientastic Institute


Scientastic Institute
12785 Forest Hill Blvd., Ste. D
Wellington, FL 33414
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The Scientastic Institute is located in 12785 Forest Hill Boulevard in Wellington, FL 33414.The institute provides students with engaging and interactive programs to enable them to understand and accelerate their love towards science. Scientastic provides science summer camp, in school holiday and after school programs, birthday parties, tutoring and more. The institute is the product of a combination of two professional educators possessing a lot of passion for science.

Kids have analyzed fossils, made their own paper to design and launched rockets. Children can develop skills which foster confidence and a thirst for knowledge through discovery, dynamic scientific inquiry and experimentation.  In addition, children can also be taught the all important skill of how to take care of a critter!

 **The Scientastic Institute provides an environment conducive to learning while having fun at the same time. The program is developed exclusively for students ages 9+.**